Working on the survival part of the game

Two weeks without any news from our side, but you don't have to worry about it, we are still working on the game. As you can see in the screen capture, we are working on the survival part of the game now. So more interaction with items will come and also to ability to drop special items at a specific places (drop zones) to solve different tasks. 

But wait, if you have to carry such things what about the guns in your hand? Don't worry, we are also working on an inventory system to store items and also weapons. The inventory will be limited to a specific amount of items and weapons and we will try to realize it as intuitive as possible. But this is still work in progress and not really ready to show you some screen capture. As soon as we have established a working state, we will publish a playable version of it, so that you can try it.

Get Till Dawn

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