WIP: Co-op multiplayer #2

As promised I will keep you informed about our progress. So we are still working on the multiplayer part. We still have some work to do for a release but we are making a good progress here.

Just a small summary what we have already:

  • matchmaking stuff (not completely but working)
  • synchronization of nearly all animations of weapons, enemies and stuff between the clients
  • sound synchronization of weapons
  • voice chat (it's working but can be improved)
  • new avatars to display the other player (the body is still missing, but head and hands are here)

So, there are still things to do:

  • new scene for matchmaking and starting a co-op game
  • game logic must be adapted to support two players (including things like enemy attacking, helicopter starts only if both players has reached it and such stuff)
  • smaller issues which occured during our last test co-op session (like little lags in enemy movement)
  • difficulty must be adapted to two players

That doesn't sound much to do, but believe me it is. 

So, we hope that you are excited to try it and also that you will have lots of fun playing it. We do our best to get this thing done, so stay tuned and train with the current release. If you have questions or ideas about the multiplayer part or any other topic then just join us at the Discord server or leave a comment here or on the game page itself or on the discussion board. 

See you next time for the next update news on the multiplayer co-op mode.

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