Introducing the brand new inventory system and holster

In the last devlog we said that we are working on an inventory system to develop the survival part of the game, today we can show you some ingame screencasts showing the newly introduced holster for the handgun and also the new inventory system!! This is not yet released but will be available soon here on

The holster is only for a handgun and is locted at your hips. You can drop a handgun there everytime you want and it snaps automatically. Also new is that you will have a handgun from the very beginning of the game in the holster, so you don't have to search for a weapon. 

Now to the brand new inventory system which will give you the possibility to collect items and weapons! We decided to realize the inventory as a backpack which feels more immersive than just a dumb menu or overlay. Just put one controller behind your head, press the grip button once and the backpack will be right at your hand for interaction. If you don't need it anymore just put your controller again behind your head and press the grip button once, the backpack will rest at your shoulders again. You have enough space for items and weapons, available are 10 slots for items (like health packs, flares, ...) and two slots for weapons at the bottom. Enough the words, look for yourself:

We really hope that you will like the new inventory system and also your holster to have a more immersive experience in the game. At the moment we are fine tuning the inventory and also we have some ideas in mind for the survival part of the game. So be patient for the next update which will come with the inventory, the holster and also with more survival parts/tasks!!

Until then, leave a comment, give feedback, download the current version, spread the word, tell your friends and play the game! :-)

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