Till Dawn v0.1.6-pre-alpha released

Just nine days after 0.1.5-pre-alpha we present you the 0.1.6-pre-alpha version with lots of new great stuff: 

  • introducing the new shotgun!
  • long requested headshot is now possible and a new dying animation added for it
  • random placement of zombies, weapons and player at startup
  • fading to black if the headset collides with an object is now just a little bit darker and not black
  • no more fails in shooting at the zombies
  • better improvement in the fog system, varying the duration and distance of fog
  • damage image is displayed during hit
  • performance tweaks

This is one of our biggest release since the first version of Till Dawn. We tried to give the user a more intense atmosphere with the new fog system and all the other improvements in this version. Download the new version, play it, have fun and like always give us some feedback, leave a comment, donate something or just tell your friends!!


TillDawn-v0.1.6-pre-alpha.zip 43 MB
Oct 24, 2017

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