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We missed that totally!! eNtaK made a video while he is playing Till Dawn. Sadly he didn't played the latest version where some of the mentioned things were already fixed and also he mention some things which are not compelety correct, so we try to correct them here:

  • you can pickup every weapon as often you want, even empty weapons
  • the helicopter is definitely landing if you clear the landing zone
  • the headset is fading to black if you hit a wall with your head, there is no other restriction in the map, so you can walk freely
  • and keep in mind that this is just the beginning and it's in development, so nothing is really finished now and it will be improved over time!! So please give feedback!!!

Beside the mentioned things it's great to see that someone has made a video about it!!! Keep this up and let us know when somebody post another video somewhere.....

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