Till Dawn v0.1.4-pre-alpha released

Next release is out!! We have added some dramatic thunder and rain to give you some more intense atmosphere during the game. Furthermore we squashed out that annyoing bug that the floor was juttering if you stepped up on a weapon. Now this is really smoother and no weapon is disturbing you anymore! Also you can now shoot through fences as long as they have holes, that was also a little bit annoying. 

So download the new release, play it and give us feedback!


TillDawn-v0.1.4-pre-alpha.zip 41 MB
Sep 28, 2017

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It's looking great mah guy. I love how it's turning out. Even though the horde of zombies isn't as large, your game reminds me so much of dead rising because of the helicopter escape. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot Starkium, it's great to see that you love our improvements. :-) More will come and also the horde of zombies may increase in the further development of the game, we have some ideas in mind for more action. ;-)

You been stress testing ai numbers?

Also, let me know if you ever want a steam key for End of Days :p