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Donations via PayPal only
This will be a short devlog post, but an important one. Because of the changes itch. io made to its payout processes, I have decided to give away my games free...
Some (bad) news and status multiplayer
Nearly 60 days since my last post, that's a long time without any update on the game. I'm really sorry for that. But if you follow my profile on you may...
What did you achieved?
In the last update we introduced quests to give you a better game experience and also to give you some tasks to discover the city. We are really curious about...
WIP: Co-op multiplayer #2
As promised I will keep you informed about our progress. So we are still working on the multiplayer part. We still have some work to do for a release but we are...
WIP: Co-op multiplayer
The next great thing is coming! Finally we have started the work on the co-op multiplayer mode for Till Dawn. YEAH!! We have to redesign some stuff in Till Da...
Huge update with QUESTS! (v0.1.9-pre-alpha is out!)
We had working hard to get this release done, but finally it's done! We have packed lots of new features, lots of bugfixes and finally we have QUESTS !!! What h...
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WIP: Don't get lost in the city...
Drone is coming for a better overview If you got lost in the city you will love this! We are working on some more stuff for the survival part of the game and de...
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We are now on Discord!
We have our own Discord server now! So if you want to get in contact with us, chat with other Till Dawn players, want to suggest something new or just report b...
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please creator create this game with no VR
started by Majed CT May 27, 2018
3 replies
I'm using the same assets on Unreal Engine 4 to make a VR zombie survival as well. My game is called End of Days . Befor...
started by Starkium Aug 26, 2017
3 replies
It has a very low FPS and it takes me out of the game into the steamvr loading thing like every 5 seconds. it is unplaya...
started by Bunbo Jul 30, 2018
1 reply
At the start screen its fine , but as soon as the helicopter flies over it starts to drop alot of frames 2x GTX 980 16 G...
started by _Whatevvs May 05, 2018
1 reply
When i start up a round it lags tremendously, it doesnt look like it on screen but holy hell 1 fps
started by Mayywas Mar 24, 2018
3 replies