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Run, Boy, Run

Run, boy, run and never stop. Help Danny to run through a never ending world... · By


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Small review from Ben Plays VR
The Youtuber Ben Plays VR has done a fast review on Run,Boy,Run in a video he did just before Christmas. If you haven't seen it already here it is: Thanks for...
"Run,Boy,Run" v0.2 released
Yeah, new release of Run,Boy,Run is out!! A new game mode was added, you will now have the possibility to control Danny if you start the manual mode. In the m...
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WIP: New game mode and exploding world
I'm working on a new game mode and it seems that it's in a good state right now. The actual game mode will stay in the game, so don't worry about this one. The...
Donations via PayPal only
This will be a short devlog post, but an important one. Because of the changes itch. io made to its payout processes, I have decided to give away my games free...
Source code released on GitHub
4 days ago I released the first playable version of Run,Boy,Run. If you haven't played it so far, download it and do it. Today I release the main game logic be...
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Release Day of "Run,Boy,Run"
Finally this day has come. I'm really happy to announce the release of Run, Boy, Run. The first idea to this game was a quick brainstorm which led to one hand w...
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This would be a great game if ported to quest!
started by lolner Jul 21, 2019
2 replies