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Run, Boy, Run is an endless runner game in VR. But instead of running on your own you have to build up the world while Danny won't stop to run. Don't make any mistake otherwise he will fall down of the world or crash into a building.   


Thanks to Ben Plays VR to give Run,Boy,Run a very positive review! Really happy about it, here is the video:


Place the spawning tiles correctly at the existing ones and make sure that you won't interrupt the road. Place as many tiles as possible and build up your own unique world every time you play. 

Your opponents? Speed, time, your highscore board, your own skills and Danny's decision where to run.

In manual mode you have to control Danny. The touchpad of your left controller will blink each time you can control Danny. He will stop in the middle of each tile, no matter if there is a crossing or not and waiting for your direction input. Just press the touchpad in the direction you want and Danny will follow. But don't think too long, the world behind is you will not last forever.



  • endless world
  • highscore
  • randomized buildings
  • randomized tiles layout
  • see through buildings if your view is blocked at Danny
  • a perfect sound track as a hommage to the good old  games :-)



  • You will need a room-scale setup otherwise you will loose the orientation for all the directions.
  • Only HTC VIVE is tested, but it should also run on a Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality Headset with SteamVR. If you have one of these, let me know if it works.

Feedback is welcome 

Feedback is very welcome. If you have questions or ideas, then just leave a comment. If you like the game leave a comment and if you want you can support me via the donation possibility on itch.io.

Please report any issues you have in the discussion board and don't rate the game just because of the issue.


Source code

You can find the main game logic as open source code on GitHub. Feel free to use it in your project. More details on this devlog post or on the GitHub repository.



About me and my games

As you may have noticed, I have released a bunch of games and will release more games over time. I really love to play around with VR technology and I really love to try different things with it, that's the reason for all my games. 

They are all small little games, especially made for trying different stuff in VR. But that doesn't mean that they are just demos, I will try to roundup the game experience in each game completely, so that you (the gamer) will have a good game experience for a short time in a small but functional game.

That's also the reason why the genres are so wide spreaded and not specific to one. 

I also try to release the main game logic of each game as open source on my github repo if it does make sense. That will not include the graphic assets if they are not free. All free assets will be included, the non-free ones I have to remove because of legal stuff.


If you want to support me then please make any donation via PayPal or pay what you want here on itch.io

Install instructions

Just extract the zip file in its own folder, then execute the RunBoyRun.exe to start the game. Make sure that your VR headset is connected to the computer before you start the game. 


RunBoyRun_v0.2.zip 20 MB

Development log