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Open Saber VR is an open source clone of the famous and fabolous game Beat Saber

Development stopped

After four releases (latest v0.1.3) I'm totally happy with the current development state of the game. It's fully working and has more features included like I ever wanted in the beginning of the development of OpenSaberVR. That said I won't active develop any further on OpenSaberVR. Like I wrote on my profile page, I like to play around with VR and try different game styles with it. My main goal is always to develop a small little game which is fully playable and which makes fun to play. I'm sure that OpenSaberVR has reached that state.

Nevertheless you are able to go on with the development based on this work. Have a look at the GitHub repo and learn from it, develop something new, improve it, do whatever you want with it. If you have created something, then let me know.

This project page and the GitHub repo will stay online. Also the global highscore will be stay online. Have fun playing OpenSaberVR.


I started this project by accident and managed to get the main game logic up and running in 3 days.  Thanks to the open source project beatsaver viewer I was able to get the blocks (notes) in sync with the beat!

Now you would maybe ask yourself what is a Beat Saber clone without any music? Yeah, you are right, it's nothing. But I have some vey good answer to this. Because of the great and wide community of the Beat Saber modders and there custom songs, you can use ANY song from their website and it will work in Open Saber VR. So just go to their websites (BeatSaver, BeastSaber) and download any song you want.

At the moment Open Saber VR only supports the notes (beat blocks) and obstacles. Mines are not supported but will be added maybe in the future. Also a global highscore was introduced, this is in very early alpha state and the highscore itself can be deleted/changed/resetted anytime during the alpha stage.



Thanks to Ben Plays VR to give OpenSaberVR a positive review in his video! Really happy about it, here is the video:

Import songs

Just download any song from BeatSaver or BeastSaber and unzip it to the "OpenSaberVR_data/Playlists" folder. Make sure that each song has its own folder in the "OpenSaberVR_data/Playlists" folder. 

It should look something like that:

           \ _ _ SongFolder1
          |                   |
          |                    \ _ _ info.dat
          |                    \ _ _some.jpg
          |                    \ _ _ hard.dat
          |                    \ _ _ song.egg
           \ _ _ SongFolder2
                               \ _ _ info.dat
                               \ _ _some.jpg
                               \ _ _ hard.dat
                               \ _ _ normal.dat
                               \ _ _ expert.dat
                               \ _ _ song.egg

After that run Open Saber VR and the song should be displayed in the menu.


If you know how to play Beat Saber then you are good to go. If not then it's really simple to play, just cut the notes (beat blocks) at the side where the glow bar is with the saber in the same color. The blue saber is the right hand, the red saber is the left hand. The notes will be only sliced if you hit with the correct saber on the correct side. Otherwise the block will just went through.

There is no energy or anything right now, so you can't "loose" a game , the song will play until the end.

After the song finished, just wait for 5 seconds and you will be pushed back to the high score screen where retry the song or going back to main menu.

Activating global highscore

Go to the settings menu and click on the button to activate the global highscore. If the button is labeld with "On" then the global highscore will be used. The local highscore will also be filled, but not displayed until  the global highscore is turned off again. 

You will have some small loading screen after each song because the highscore is synced, this will be fixed in the future. Make sure that you choose a different user name if you want.


  • fully support for the songs from BeastSaber and BeatSaver
  • fully free and open source
  • global and local highscore
  • source code available on GitHub


  • pressing both trigger buttons longer than 4 seconds will cancel the current song

Keyboard shortcuts

  • 'C' - switch on/off headset mirror and activate in game camera
  • 'M' - turn on/off mouse and keyboard movement of the camera, you can look around with the mouse
  • 'W''A''S''D' - movement of the camera with the keyboard, like any shooter out there
  • 'Space' - move camera up
  • 'Left control' - move camera down
  • 'R' - reset the position to the start position


  • Only HTC VIVE is tested by me, it was reported that Oculus Rift and also a Windows Mixed Reality Headset was working with SteamVR. If you have one which is not listed here, let me know if it works.
  • Hit sounds are experimental 
  • This is an early development version, so expect some bugs

Feedback is welcome 

Feedback is very welcome. If you have questions or ideas, then just leave a comment. If you like the game leave a comment and if you want you can support me via the donation possibility on itch.io.

Please report any issues you have in the discussion board and don't rate the game just because of the issue.

Source code

You can find the complete source code on GitHub. Feel free to use it in your project or contribute to this project.



About me and my games

As you may have noticed, I have released a bunch of games and will release more games over time. I really love to play around with VR technology and I really love to try different things with it, that's the reason for all my games. 

They are all small little games, especially made for trying different stuff in VR. But that doesn't mean that they are just demos, I will try to roundup the game experience in each game completely, so that you (the gamer) will have a good game experience for a short time in a small but functional game.

That's also the reason why the genres are so wide spreaded and not specific to one. 

I also try to release the main game logic of each game as open source on my github repo if it does make sense. That will not include the graphic assets if they are not free. All free assets will be included, the non-free ones I have to remove because of legal stuff.


If you want to support me then please make any donation via PayPal or donate here on itch.io


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